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This internet garden store was created with YOU in mind to help you buy gardening supplies online ranging from basic pruning shears to sophisticated lawn cutters.

Here’s a brief background about myself, expertise, and why I am uniquely qualified to help you make solid decisions in your landscaping choices.

Professional Gardening and Expert Lawn Care Reviews



My name is Joseph.

As an army vet, friends call me G.I. Joe.

I’m the guy with the green thumb.

For over two decades and counting my wife Janice and I have been gardening, tilling, and cultivating our own acreage.

It’s a passion of ours bringing her and me closer while outdoors in nature with a rabbit we’ve grown attached to we’ve known since it was an abandoned bunny whom we call Bugs Bunny, and a female deer (dawn) we named Bambi. They both enjoy snacking on carrots we feed them from time to time and have been a staple of our family for years.

We’ve used every possible tool, machine, and how-to book you could possibly imagine over the years from tillers to edgers, leaf blowers, garden kneelers, wood chippers, and everything else related in-between.

There were but a handful of winners, but MANY more losers.

Why We Are Trusted Gardening Field Experts


Some products we’ve tried surprised us of its effectiveness and longevity where it was not expected (we review those products here), while others we’ve paid top dollar for with reasonable expectations given the investment were massive duds and utter failures.

It is unquestionably frustrating sifting and sorting through differing opinions, sometimes biased, on what does and doesn’t work. Our mission was thus to remove all guesswork involved and give it to you straight, no filter, so you’re equipped with enough information to help yourself make the best buying decision.

There are few things more disappointing than buying a $1000 leaf collector riddled with numerous problems and costly repairs. Trust me. You do NOT want to learn what I’ve learned the hard way. If you can learn from my own mistakes over the years, than I’ve already saved you thousands of dollars and wasted effort filling your tool shed with quality, reliable products.

You can rest assured my decades of real-world experience will give you the confidence you need to purchase the best gardening and landscaping supplies to help you on your journey.

Below are brief summaries of some of the horticultural categories we cover along with detailed reviews within each category listed.





~ Best Gardening Gifts ~

Gardening gift baskets are the gift that keeps on giving. If you want to pleasantly surprise someone you know personally with a green thumb, purchasing a unique gardening themed gift basket with useful tools and ideas is a thoughtful gesture for mom, dad, neighbors, or friends alike.

~ Gardening Tool Set ~

There are many variations of mini floral gardening tool sets you can purchase for mothers, fathers, and children (plastic variations, of course). There are indoor and outdoor variations for anyone with a knack for tending to a small garden or are beginners on their gardening journey.

~ Gardening Shears ~

What good is a gardener without a pair of handy garden pruners? They’re ESSENTIAL to any serious horticulturist. A solid pair of pruning lopper secateurs are designed for cutting and trimming stems and light branches promoting the production of buds to make flowers and fruit; you’re end goal.

~ Best Garden Tillers Reviews ~

A freshly tilled landscape is the pride and joy of every respectable greenskeeper. That’s why you need the best-rated rear/front tine electric or gas garden tiller for the money. It’ll break up hard soil, discourage weed growth, and save you loads of time and energy engaging in backbreaking manual labor tilling by hand.

~ Best Indoor Garden Reviews ~

Beginner indoor herb and vegetable garden kits are quickly rising in popularity for the budding planter and as more people with gardening experience have less and less time to tend to larger plots of outdoor land. An indoor container gardening system gives you the advantage to learn what works and doesn’t work in an outdoor setting limiting your risk of growing a bad crop.

~ Best Garden Edging Reviews ~

Stone, cement, brick, plastic, wood, and metal garden bed edges are simple, attractive borders lining your garden to prevent grass from ‘growing on the wrong side of the boundaries’. The best garden edging material and options are reviewed here for your convenience.

~ Best Leaf Shredder ~

The best leaf vacuum mulcher can shred the onslaught of fallen or blown over leaves littering your property to be cut into small, manageable pieces that can be thrown away or reused as compost or mulch for your garden. All leaf chippers perform their most basic functions, yet vary in speed, efficiency, range, and input. I review my favorite choices here.

~ Best Leaf Blower ~

A cordless, backpack, non-backpack, electric, or gas powered 4 cycle leaf blower does more than what meets the eye. It’s a snow blower to remove the light, freshly fallen snow from off your vehicle, porch or driveway, and it’s a water blower to scatter puddles intruding your pathway. It’s a fast and easy way to clean gutters and the quickest way to round up leaves.

~ Best Garden Kneeler ~

Much of your gardening time is going to be spent on your hands and knees while tending to your nursery, and trust me when I say, a deep/wide seat rolling garden kneeler bench or pad will be your new best friend. Growing and planting are challenging enough, so you want to avoid kneeling on bare ground for long periods to avoid causing knee damage. A folding garden ease kneeler pad gives you the comfort and mobility to do the ‘dirty work’ without getting your knees dirty!

~ Best Wood Chipper ~

If you want to purchase a compact gas or electric wood chipper and shredder for to cut quality sized mulch, leaves, straw, and sticks, our reviews will guide you in the right direction to buy the best backyard lightweight gardener chipper for your personal needs.

~ Best Leaf Collector ~

Ah, those pesky leaves! Beautiful as they turn, a headache when they fall. That’s where a cyclone rolling leaf sweeper comes in to save the day. A pull behind leaf vacuum makes the tedious job of gathering fallen leaves a quick and easy one. Not only will your yard look pristine post-sweeping, your neighbors will ask for your secret to your near-spotless landscape.

~ Best Cordless Chainsaw ~

The reason why you want to purchase a battery powered electric or gas handheld chainsaw is for those DIY (do-it-yourself) wood tree cutting projects to save money hiring an arborist to do the same job for nearly three times (3x) as much. There are thousands of models to choose from and we picked the cream de la cream to make your shopping choice easier.

~ Best Electric Pole Chain Saw ~

A dead branch is hanging lifelessly several feet in the air. It needs to come down because if it falls it risks hurting someone or damaging property. What do you do? Do you climb a tall ladder with a chainsaw in hand for a single branch and risk falling and maiming yourself, or do you buy a cordless electrical pole chainsaw? I think the answer is quite obvious.

~ Self Propelled Lawn Mower ~

There are thousands of gas self-propelling grass cutters flooding the market. The problem isn’t finding one, but shopping for the BEST one that cuts your grass better than any other. Every yard’s unique requiring different lawnmowers. Maybe your grass grows taller or shorter. Maybe it’s Kentucky bluegrass or Bermuda grass. I cover the best lawnpushers to help you decide which is best for you to buy.

~ Compost Tumbler Bins ~

Used as an organic soil amendment and conditioner, purchasing a tumbling compost bin saves you months of time and energy flipping and turning the compost pile yourself by hand every couple of days (a pain in the butt), is convenient to urban areas where neighbors are nearby, or if you live on a small lot and wish to save space.

Best Aquaponic Growing Guide

Read about our experience with aquaponic growing system that uses fish tank to fertilize your plants continuously, yielding faster growth and more healthy, nutrient dense vegetable & fruits. We’ve been having great success with it!